Step 3. Run a Forecast

Step 3. Run a Forecast

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  • How to run a forecast when first loading the system

Step 3. Run a Forecast

Now that your company data has been imported, The forecasting screen will look something like this:

To run a forecast, click the blue "Run a Forecast" button. You will then see a screen pop-up:

1. Run a Forecast Tab - Click here to be brought to the current screen.

2. Forecast Settings Tab - Takes you to a screen where you can alter more forecast settings.

3. Calculate - Either forecast all items, or choose to forecast whatever you have selected currently in your filters.

4. Options - Override all adjustments and delete them in the forecast or forecast from the top down.

5. Run/Cancel - Run the forecast with your selected settings, or cancel all changes made.

You can also adjust some more settings to the forecast on another tab.

1. Run a Forecast Tab - This tab will take you back to the previous screen.

2. Forecast Settings Tab - This tab keeps you on the current screen.

3. Forecast Date - The first day of the current month and the reference point for 3 and 4 on this list.

4. History Points - The # of months of previous sales history the forecast engine will account for.

5. Forecasts - The # of months of future forecasts the forecast engine will account for.

6. Forecast Personality - There are 6 defined personalities available, whose profiles are as follows: 

·        0 – provides the best pattern matching, but will guess wrong more often than Personality 1 

·        1 – gives best compromise between pattern matching and accuracy in short term (1-2 months) 

·        2 – (default) best for longer term forecasting, especially when annual seasonality is present 

·        3 – includes all methods 

·        4 – “Grand Rapids” good for forecasting slow moving products 

·        5 – best for weekly forecasting based on 52-week seasonality

7. Zero Forecasts - Turning this to "Yes" will exclude SKUs in your forecast that have no sales.

8. Save/Cancel - Clicking save changes will save and close all changes made in the settings. Clicking cancel will cancel all adjustments made in the settings.

When you are ready to forecast, press "Run" and you'll then see your forecast within minutes.

You may have to refresh the page to see results.

Your forecast will then appear and you can begin to analyze the data.

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