Choose Method

Choose Method

What are you going to learn?
  • How to choose a different data method
  • How to freeze a forecast or ABC

The "Choose Method" button allows you to view all the data methods and their scores. Usually the lowest score indicates the best possible forecast; However, experienced professionals that know the industry well may want to select a different score that they feel will better represent the data.

To select a new method simply click on the Choose Method button located at the top of the forecasting graph. A box will then pop up representing the choose method graph. The graph will look like this:

Here you can select your desired pattern and see how it relates to the past 3 years of data and the adjusted forecast.

You can select a different method by clicking a different score and method to the right of the graph.

Like the forecasting graph, the choose method graph has a key at the top representing each bar and the corresponding color.

Like the forecasting chart, the choose method graph has rows that correspond with the data in the graph.

Once clicking on a new method/score, the graph and chart will automatically update to represent the data as the orange "Selected" bar and the "Selected Forecast" row:

Another feature of the Choose Method window is the ability to "Override Adjusted." You can override adjusted by checking the "Override Adjusted" box at the bottom of the Choose Method window. Overriding the adjusted will overwrite any adjustments you've made in the adjusted column.

To finalize your selected method and update the forecasting chart/graph, click the "Use Selected Pattern" button at the bottom of the pop-up.

Once clicked on, a box will appear:

You can either click the green checkmark to confirm the changes, or click the red X to cancel your changes and continue making adjustments.

Clicking the green checkmark will close the choose method window, automatically update the forecasting chart/graph, and make a note of your changes in the "Notes" section at the bottom of the screen.

Freeze Forecast/ABC

The Freeze Forecast feature allows you to freeze the forecast so that the filtered SKUs in the forecasting chart cannot be adjusted until unfrozen.

Similarly, the Freeze ABC feature makes it so that the ABC Codes of the filtered SKUs cannot be adjusted until unfrozen.


The "Items" box is found directly to the right of the forecasting graph and it represents the Items being displayed. Here you can filter through specific SKUs in designated cities with the click of a button.

The default "Total Sum" will be highlighted in blue until altered. When "Total Sum" is highlighted, the graph/chart will display all the SKUs you have selected in your filter.

You can select a new Item/city by clicking once on the desired SKU/city.

Once you have selected a different item in the list, the chart/graph will automatically update with the data from that SKU/city.

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